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The IPPI role-playing game wants to raise awareness on intellectual property issues from the point of view of business ideas in the field of entrepreneurship.

The idea is to use gamification and role play to acquire knowledge on practical issues of intellectual property.

Through role play, students will enhance their skills and knowledge by putting logic into practice and increase their awareness of what they have learned in order to protect an idea in a very practical way. They are led into a series of “real situations” by choosing the correct way to act to be creative and innovative while protecting Intellectual Property.

Questions and answers roulette game

The game consists of 25 questions in 5 categories: IP in general, copyright, trademarks, design rights and patents.

The dynamics of the game allow participants to be organized in teams and transform a classroom experience in a motivating experience.

Learners supported by the teaching staff will participate in teams.

They will launch the roulette wheel and have to decide an answer between 3 different options within a set time.

Based on this, the final score will determine the winning team.









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