The IPPI resources! they are aimed at young people, trainers, teachers and businesses.

They have been designed and created to allow a creative and innovative learning of the IP issues; they were then validated and made usable thanks to their contribution.

In particular the IPPI resources are:

The interviews

Watch now all the interviews made by the boys and girls of the project to Italian and Spanish entrepreneurs, to have a direct contact with their stories on several aspects of the protection of Intellectual Property.

Ilenia Scarlatti

FB International di Francesco Breccolini

Interview by Vladislav Schiopu of Liceo Scientifico Galilei in Terni. The theme of the interview was the defense of the corporate brand, on the occasion of an opposition received from an American company.

Ciro Schiaroli

Too Italy srl

Interview by Riccardo Cardaci from Liceo Scientifico Galilei in Terni on the defense of a company brand name in fashion sector when dealing with foreign markets

Andrea Pucci

Net Addiction srl

Interview by Riccardo Cardaci of the Liceo Scientifico Galilei in Terni. The topic of the interview was copyrights in the publishing field.

Pedro Martinez

HI Services

Interview by Rodrigo de Lorenzo , ECOS school of Marbella.
How does the innovative entrepreneur approach intellectual property? It is important to understand the opportunities that IP protection gives to the most innovative companies.

Bartolome Arrom

Clarke Modet

Interview by Rodrigo de Lorenzo , ECOS school in Marbella.
Consultancy and assistance company in the field of industrial intellectual property tells us about the experience of recognition of the reputation of a brand in the tourism sector international , which took place between Spain and Mexico.

Miguel Angel Perez

Rambla Abogados y Asesores

Interview by Rodrigo de Lorenzo , ECOS school of Marbella.
Even small brands can win against opposition from bigger brands ! Among the useful tips that the professional Miguel Perez emphasizes: always keeping informed, even at no cost, at the public offices in charge and relying on professionals in cases of doubtful management or resolution.

The guidelines

How to convey the themes and the importance of intellectual property

A tool aimed at teachers, created to give them concrete support to deal with the issues of the protection of Intellectual Property in the classroom.

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