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The IP PLAY WITH IT – IPPI! it is promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Terni, now Chamber of Commerce of Umbria, and has the support of a Spanish partner, ITC Innovation Training Center.

The Chamber of Commerce of Umbria: is a public economic body with functional autonomy that ensures the development of the entrepreneurial system, today made up of about 94,000 Umbrian companies to enhance the local economy and to represent companies, taking care of their general interests and creating favorable conditions for the development of the territory. It has two offices, in Perugia and Terni.

The Chamber of Commerce of Umbria holds the Business Register for Umbria, a public register to which all entrepreneurs must be registered; provides multiple services to entrepreneurs such as free training, consultancy for business start-up and development, information on macroeconomic data, protection of Intellectual Property (IP). It also has an active role in the field of digitalization, tourism promotion and internationalization.

For years he has been collaborating with local educational institutions to carry out PCTO activities (paths for transversal skills and orientation) in particular on issues of entrepreneurship education and on issues related to the business world, of which IP is a basic component.

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Innovation Training Center (ITC) is a training and consulting organization based in Palma de Mallorca (ES) that offers a wide range of services regarding innovative materials and services (R + D + I approach) to promote innovation in learning, entrepreneurship and support to training and education organizations.

The headquarter is PARC BIT (ParcBit, Parc balear d’innovació tecnològica) a specific park to promote innovation and training in the ICT field among young people, adults, companies and SMEs. Our consolidation and experience has allowed us to create our research and development department for the development and implementation of our technology projects. Our interdisciplinary team of experts has participated and managed a wide range of research and development projects and built an intense networking experience with various public and private organizations: government institutions, technology centers and public research organizations at local, regional level, national, European and international.

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The protagonists of IPPI!

The idea of the partnership is to actively involve students who personally contribute to the realization of the activities and products, “infotainment tools”, intended to entertain and inform.

Students will be able to learn the concepts of protection, counterfeiting and creativity by collaborating with Spanish students.

Schools and classes that actively participate in the project:

Licei Statali “Francesco Angeloni” di Terni   classi 3L  e 4L

Istituto Omnicomprensivo Amelia-Narni  IV A ITE Narni  e  IV A ITE Amelia

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Scientifico e Tecnico di Orvieto che unisce

    • Istituto Maitani: Tecnico Amministrazione e Marketing, Tecnico Costruzione, Ambiente e Territorio 3AFM/CAT
    • Liceo Majorana: Liceo Scientifico, Liceo Scientifico – opzione Scienze Applicate, Liceo linguistico  Classe 5SA1 Classe 5SA2

IES la Cala


Collaborating with us

To enhance the resources and tools created within the project, the Chamber of Commerce of Umbria has created fruitful collaborations with national stakeholders, partners in activities aimed at young people and job orientation.


Logo JA Italia

Junior Achievement Italy
With the collaboration of Ja Italia we could present the project and test some tools tested to a wider, inter regional audience of teachers and students; we could go deeper in the concepts of innovation and protection of intellectual property as an asset for business development and local economy.

Junior Achievement is the largest non-profit organization in the world that prepares young people for entrepreneurship and their future work, through practical and experiential teaching methods and programs.

In Italy, JA was founded in 2002 with the aim of taking an active role in renewing education and disseminating educational initiatives in schools to guide young people in their future choices by supporting teachers with volunteers in the adoption of skills teaching.

JA Italia participated in the National Coalition for Entrepreneurship set up by the Ministry of Education which developed the syllabus “Education for entrepreneurship”, based on the European framwork ENTRECOMP.

Thanks to the distance learning enhancement in an covid-19 context, JA Italy is experimenting with new PCTO formulas (paths for transversal skills and orientation) based on experiential and digital teaching. The validity of this formula has been recognized within the Digital Solidarity initiative.


Italian Finance Police

As part of the activities of the Italian Finance Police aimed at combating the various illicit phenomena that threaten industrial property, “Made in Italy”, copyright and consumer safety, a meeting was held with the students in which they were recounted the counterfeiting experiences discovered by the operations of the Italian Finance Police in particular in the clothing and accessories sector and shown concrete cases of obvious false and false author.

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